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Agribusiness and Farm & Ranch Insurance in Hanover and Gettysburg, PA

Keeping Farmers and Business Owners in Hanover and Gettysburg, PA and Beyond Secure

Farming and running an agribusiness is a lot of work.  Whether you're growing crops, raising livestock, or training animals, you have your hands full.  To protect your interests, efforts, and investments, a comprehensive insurance policy is a must.  At Barrick Insurance we know the demands of your operation and how to protect that operation from the potentially ruinous costs that can accompany damages that result from risks.  Our policies are flexible and adaptable and represent the best value for your insurance dollars. 

Whether you operate in Hanover, Gettysburg, or other areas in Pennsylvania, we can help you find the solution that’s right for you.  Our agents are trained in the fields in which they write coverage plans and can walk you through each step in the insurance-purchasing process.  They can also provide you with ongoing risk management services. 

Coverages for your Specific Industry and Operation

Your risks require a customized insurance solution.  We can give you that by selecting the right coverage options and bringing them together in a comprehensive insurance plan.  As a leading provider of farm and business insurance in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we select coverages that are in sync with your business and dedicated exclusively to your agricultural community.  We begin by consulting with you individually and getting a firm grasp on your needs.  Then we match your needs with coverages to create your plan.

Farms and operations for which we write policies include:

  • Hobby farms and tree farms
  • Field crop farms
  • Vineyards and wineries
  • Dairy farms
  • Equestrian farms
  • Alpaca farms
  • Livestock and horse boarding farms
  • Special events (corn mazes, etc.)
  • Orchards

If you need coverage to protect against equipment breakdown, high-value dwelling damage, computer and electronic data-processing equipment breakdown or damage, or other liabilities, we can provide it.  Your insurance plan will reflect your responsibilities and exposures perfectly.  We will keep you financially secure and help you take advantage of benefits and discounts as well.  Whether it’s equipment-replacement or good-business operations discounts or bundled policy benefits, the advantages you’ll get as a policyholder with us will help you save and maximize your overall insurance investment value. 

Dedicated Agents and Continuous Support

We’ll give you access to a team of agents who can help you manage risk and resolve claims quickly and efficiently.  Your agent will develop a broad and flexible policy and will be a constant source of support.  If you’re involved in a claim, he or she will give you all of the information you need, will help resolve the claim quickly and efficiently, and will keep your costs minimal. 

If you’re interested in more information and would like to find out what your options are, you can contact us or call us.  To find out more about what a policy with us might be like, you can also request a quote

Barrick Insurance is proud to provide farm and agribusiness insurance in Hanover, Gettysburg, York, Biglerville, New Oxford, East Berlin, PA.  We also serve other areas in the state as well as Maryland.  


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Barrick Insurance

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You provided us fast service for our Homeowner's Policy so our loan could be processed. What a great surprise when we got our Auto Insurance at half the price we were previously paying! Thanks to your courteous staff!!!
Vada & Stanley Sheeler, Hanover, PA
We bought our first house 14 years ago, Barrick Associates helped us to fulfill our insurance needs and at a great price we wouldn't change companies.
Steven & Diane Kagarise, Littlestown, PA
We were in a bind without insurance, and your agency was the only one that could help us out. Also the service was great. Thank you,
Mary C. Shildt, Littlestown, PA
You have a great staff, cheap rates and are always understanding. Thanks for a great service.
Crystal Treadway, Hanover, PA
I am well satisfied with the service and rates. Thank you.
Gerald B. Thoman, Hanover, PA
Yes, I am now 55 yrs. old and was dealing with your company since I was 16 yrs. Old, I am very satisfied with your service.
Allen E Mundorff, Hanover, PA
Any services that I have needed through out the years, has been very satisfactory. Your staff is very helpful. Thank you.
Donald A. Hinkle, East Berlin, PA
Thank you for coming to our rescue when we needed car insurance and homeowners insurance. We weren't happy the way our last company dumped us after over thirty years of good service. Your staff is very accommodating and cheerful. It means a lot to me when you can talk to a real person that is accommodating and happy to serve you! Thank you again!
Nancy E. Leese, Hanover, PA
I have been with you and your predecessor R.J. Topper Agency for 56 years. This is a testimony for it's self.
Rev Msgr. VIncent J. Topper, Harrisburg, PA
I am well satisfied.
Gloria A. Geesey, Spring Grove, PA
One phone call and all of my needs & requests are handled in a quick, professional, and courteous manner.
Hugh F. Hoffman Hanover, PA